This page is the place to visit when you want to learn and share more about the Holocaust, genocide, prejudices and beliefs but don’t want to spend a lot of time searching. Although we are initially loading the information, is a place to look at and share material with others, available to the world. This tool is unlike the very valuable but large institutional Holocaust Memorials - like Yad Vashem or the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - with stockpiles of information that can be overwhelming.

Just like in A Journey into the Holocaust, we will present items that are very important. We will narrow the vast array choices and pick very interesting items. Our goal is to enable you to read any article, watch any video or look at photos and then say that is something I never knew about or had just forgotten.

For example, in the articles sub-section, you will find an article on Leon Pinsker a Russian physician and writer born in 1821. Pinskers’s Auto-Emancipation paper, written in 1882 is also in the articles sub-section. Describing the then problem for Russian Jews he states:

This is the kernel of the problem, as we see it: the Jews comprise a distinctive element among the nations under which they dwell, and as such can neither assimilate nor be readily digested by any nations.

This highly insightful discussion of this inability to assimilate; how Pinsker came to this conclusion is fascinating and should be an early stop on you your visits to the Resource Center.

We encourage you to contact and send us items for placement in this section. What is important to you may someday disappear in a box in your attic or a warehouse of a large museum. We need to memorialize them by sharing them with everyone. While the traditional museums should hold the originals, we will house the digital versions of each item. Let’s make this site a candle of light and learning.

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German Propaganda Archive – A growing collection of English translations of propaganda material from Nazi Germany and the German Republic –

Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors – New Holocaust Resistance:

NextGenerations – An organization of children and grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors and all those who are committed to educate future generations by preserving the memories of the past, carrying forward the message into the future, and keeping the voices alive.–vision.html

March of the Living International, The March of the Living is an annual educational program, which brings students from all over the world to Poland, in order to study the history of the Holocaust and to examine the roots of prejudice, intolerance and hate.

Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors – New Holocaust Resistance This site adds videos of lectures on Genocide issues regularly.

Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center – Educates students and adults about the consequences of racism, ethnic cleansing and intolerance by bringing Survivors to hundreds of classrooms in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

94 Maidens – a novel inspired by true events by Rhonda Fink-Whitman who directed, produced and was the host of The Mandate Video which started a national movement pushing for Holocaust and genocide education. –

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Stop Genocide Now

Siona poll finds that 74.2% of Sephardic French Jews are considering leaving France due to rising anti-Semitism.

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