Navigation issue with some A Journey into the Holocaust DVDs January 14th, 2015 DVD label

We have found that certain DVDs of A Journey into the Holocaust have a problem with three of the twenty-three scenes on the Scene Selection menu. All three problems are on the second page of the scene selection sub-menu. The problem is not critical, and there is an easy way to work around it.

If the DVD is skipping over a specific scene selection, go to any prior scene selection that works. Then press play and immediately press the chapter/scene advance button on the remote. It will skip one scene forward immediately every time you press the chapter/scene advance button.

All of the chapter markers are in the correct location so the chapter/scene advance button works fine. The chapter advance button is typically to the right of the play button, and looks like the play button with a vertical bar to the immediate right.

Your remote should also have a go back a scene button as well. You can also select a subsequent scene and the go to prior scenes with the back button that also works.

Should you have any other questions or comments about the DVD, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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